NextWave VR

Virtual Reality Enhanced Safety Training

Why VR?

Current safety training environments fall short on successfully educating a diverse workforce and maintaining high training retention rates. Instead, bare-minimum compliance standards continue to characterize a training curriculum delivered mostly in one language through lectures, handouts, videos, and online modules. Lack of meaningful hands-on experience leaves learners without the on-site, immersive training they require to fully recognize the scope of workplace risks and the best practices to mitigate and prevent unsafe incidents. A worker’s first time driving a forklift or operating a crane should not be on site; inexperience does not lead to the best outcomes.

NextWave VR Module Montage

Training Modules

Site Safety – Hazard identification module to augment any OSHA training

Forklift Operator – Augment forklift safety training in an immersive warehouse environment

Beam Walk – Experience the power of VR training

Coming Soon

Elevator Maintenance



Confined Spaces

Active Shooter Survivor


NextWave's Virtual Reality enhanced safety training is designed to reproduce practical scenarios in a virtual environment. The result is that we provide safe and effective guidance for situations that are too difficult, expensive, or dangerous to prepare for in the real world.

VR training module features:

Fully immersive virtual workplaces and scenarios


Customized environments and training content

Multilingual capabilities

Quantitative feedback with performance analytics

This highly-immersive curriculum for workers and safety professionals is offered on site or at one of NextWave’s partner training facilities in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, the Greater DC Area, and California. We are constantly expanding into new areas.