NextWave Safety

Hazards are a part of the job, falling victim to them doesn’t have to be. Our safety experts help recognize potential issues before they become financial losses, streamlining the entire compliance process to keep your project on track and on budget.

From corporate safety programs to individual project compliance our safety experts deliver results that meet your business needs. We work with you to understand your needs and develop solutions that deliver cost-effective results. Our technology platform gives access to the best resources, tools, and training to assist with implementation and compliance.

Safety programs are not one size fits all, we develop unique solutions designed specifically for your business needs.

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NextWave Virtual Reality

Train for the job, not on the job, with NextWave’s virtual reality safety training. Our fully immersive virtual environments reproduce practical training, allowing students, new hires, or veteran employees to conduct site safety investigations, operate heavy equipment, or move step by step through essential safety protocols while learning the dangerous reality of what happens when those standards aren’t followed.

In need of specialized training or customized environments, let our VR team create the content to help keep your employees safe and your projects profitable. Our VR enhancements work as an instructor tool to enhance current OSHA, DOB, or FDNY courses, as part of job orientation, or as safety refreshers, and are offered in support of our active course schedule, on a per trainee basis at any of our academy sites, or as part of a full VR system integration for your training space.

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NextWave Diversity

A unique diversity procurement solution that allows diverse vendors to access opportunities as well as critical resources to build capacity.

Our platform allows diverse vendors to find projects and opportunities that meet their companies’ criteria and assist them in the registration and prequalification process. A vendor’s online, secure profile stores critical information that buyers need and vendors can share that information with the single click. Eliminating the need for completing multiple forms and registering on multiple sites.

Our suite of resources has been developed with the diverse vendor in mind. We have in-house and partner resources to help you grow your business and qualify for more opportunities.

Collaboration between buyers, vendors, and resources is streamlined on our platform saving time and duplicate efforts.

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NextWave Academy

NextWave Academy is your one-stop online resource to access training needs for your business. From OSHA safety to business fundamentals, you can access the training and education you need to grow your business.

Our safety training programs lead to fewer on-site incidents but the reduced risk will save you money through fewer payouts and a certified insurance program for lower premiums.

By partnering with leading universities and specialized educational partners we provide you access to the training you need to improve your business and train your employees. From soft skills to best practices and specialized degrees, our educational platform delivers results.

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About Us

NextWave is on a mission to build the future of America by applying proprietary and cutting-edge technology to the safety industry to reduce workplace incidents, drive efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate risk and bring new opportunities to underserved communities. It is the first company to digitize the compliance, training, and bid process, bringing an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency to workers, insurers, contractors and developers in an easy-to-use portal. 

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